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May 8 - May 10, 2015

99¢ Plus Gallery is pleased to announce our 2nd Annual Exhibition and Fundraiser, 99¢ Plus Art Shop II. Almost exactly one year ago 99¢ Plus Gallery opened its doors for the first time with the Inaugural 99¢ Plus Art Shop. In celebration of an incredible first year and our immediate community of incredible galleries, curators, and artists, we have decided to continue the tradition. We have invited 9 local galleries to choose 11 artists each to donate one original artwork to 99¢ Plus. The work of all 99 artists, from emerging to established, is sold for a mere $9.99 in an effort to not only raise money for the gallery, but also to create an alternative art buying experience as accessible and inclusive as a 99¢ store.



All proceeds from the 99¢ Plus Art Shop go towards supporting an all-inclusive space in which the production, exhibition, and consumption of art and objects can exist under one roof. At 99¢ Plus Gallery we encourage alternative curatorial models, immersive installations, performance, and innovative approaches to art commerce. By involving 11 curators of what we believe to be some of the most interesting galleries in Brooklyn and 99 artists we expand our community and support artists from many different kinds of practices, experiences, and mediums. By pricing each work at just $9.99 we hope to make art accessible and create an inclusive buying experience.


May 8–10, 2015

Opening reception May 8, 6–10pm

Participating Galleries and Artists:



Greenpoint Terminal Gallery

Alex Ebstein

Brandon Johnson

Cecelia Salama

Cody DeFranco

Cody Hoyt

James Ulmer

Leif Low-Beer

Paul Wackers

Seth Adelsberger

Suzanne Coady

Timothy Bergstrom


Good Work Gallery

Ben Sisto

Catherine Pearson


Eric Shaw

Joshua Caleb Weibley


Michael Assiff

Ryan Chin

Saki Sato

Scott Goodman

Taylor Shields


Harbor Gallery

Alicia Gibson

Alta Buden

Amanda Wong

Amy Brener

Elizabeth Ferry

Henry Gunderson

Jeff Degolier

John Silvis

Leah Dixon

Michael Childress

Shana Sadeghi-Ray


Interstate Projects

Anna KE

Chris Lux

Erika Ceruzzi

Heather McKenna

Jacob Ciocci

Justin Berry

Kevin Lips

Nick DeMarco

Rebecca Gilbert

Sara Magenheimer

Seung Min Lee



Aine Vonnegut

Alex Ito

Christopher Roberson

Dennis Witkin

Destinee's Child

Jessica Tang

Jordan Barse

Kimberly Klark

Riley Duncan

Miki Foster

Nicholas Moenich



Ben Godward

Christian Berman

Dan Flanagan

Haruka Aoki

Mark Dorf

Mary Ivy Martin

Matthew Mahler

Norman Jabaut

Robert Nava

Robin Kang

Ryan V. Brennan




Aidan Koch

Alaina Stamatis

Andrew Ross

Chloe Wise

Dan Herschlein

David Brandon Geeting

Hayley Martell

India Muenez

Priscilla Jeong

Sophie Hirsch

Travis Boyer


Three Four Three Four

Jakob Brugge

Kevin Evans

Lola Bezemer

Louise Jacobs

Marek van de Watering

Nadja Voorham

Silvia Martes

Tim Mathijsen

Tirza Kater

Vibe Overgaard

Zoë Field


99¢ Plus Gallery

Audrey Snyder

Elise McMahon

Emily Wissemann

Eric Pitradzkiewicz

Ian Harkey

Lacey Carter

Melkorka Ingibjargardottir

Nicholas Ricardo

Rebecca Manson

Sam Hemmenway

Tessa Perutz


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