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September 11 - September 27, 2015

"Cockroach Queen" 
By Maren Karlson
September 11-27, 2015
Opening Reception September 11, 7-10pm

99¢ Plus Gallery is pleased to present "Cockroach Queen", a solo exhibition of works by Berlin based artist Maren Karlson.

"Maybe but I don't know. Maybe I just wasn't good enough. Maybe I'm not as smart as the men-not intellectual enough. But maybe emotion is just as good as intellect. There ought to be a place for it. Richard Serra came to me. I think he took some of my ideas. But I'm so insecure; yet I know I can make great art. All my life I've either been the cockroach or the queen."
- Eva Hesse

Maren Karlson is an illustrator working and living in Berlin, Germany. Her interests include girls, jokes, ugliness, premium breakfast, negative feelings. 




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