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HANDJOB Gallery/Store x 99¢ Plus

99¢ Plus is proud share its storefront space with HANDJOB Gallery/Store.

HANDJOB Gallery//Store hosts a selection of works by contemporary artists, whose job is to produce, by hand, an edition of 5-10 objects, which are by the artist’s own definition ‘functional’. The fields of Art and Design have been largely divorced in terms of functionality; Art is non-functional, and Design or Craft is strictly functional. By inviting artists to create functional objects, HANDJOB creates a space between Art, Design, and Craft. HANDJOB supports dialogue between the artist, the designer, the producer and the consumer, towards the production of more interesting objects and a richer everyday aesthetic. 

Founded and curated by: Zoe Alexander Fisher.

Currently Featuring editions by: Adams Puryear, Amy Worrall, Audrey Snyder, Brendan Timmins, Brett Ginsburg, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Daniele Frazier, David Kirshoff, Dean Roper, Jessica Hans, Joey Watson, Joseph Hutchins, Julian Gilbert-Davis, Kait Mooney, Kylie White, Maiko Gubler, Mel Nguyen, Nick DeMarco, Nikki Mirsaeid, Paradise Structures, Rachel Blodgett, Rory Rosenburg, Sasa Stucin, Seven Sodas, Tom Forkin, Tom Hancocks, Tommy Coleman, Will Rose.

HANDJOB Gallery//Store works are available online at 

& available at 

HANDJOB Gallery//Storefront & 99¢ Plus
238 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Open Saturday-Sun 1-6PM and by appointment.

For appointments and all other inquiries please contact

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