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July 10 - August 23, 2015

Magic Object
Curated by Rico Gatson
July 10 – August 23, 2015
Opening reception July 10, 7–10pm

Magic Object curated by Rico Gatson, exhibits the works of five artists who possess a magical and evocative sensibility in their work. The works in this exhibition are rooted in specific historical references and broach a variety of subjects. These subjects range from Jungian Psychology and traditional Inuit carving, to Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”.
Rico Gatson’s “Panel Painting #1” 2015 casually leans against the gallery wall, alluding to traditional African plank masks or Massai warrior shields in bold color and geometric design. 
Alex Lee Harris "Ringtone" (2015) is an instrument inspired by the sounds and anatomy of a wind chime. Suspended from the ceiling, Harris's work provides a mysterious and haunting soundtrack for the exhibition.
Roxanne Jackson contributes “Snake Eyes” 2014 and “Chrome Cats” 2013, a series of porcelain sculptures that utilize the image of a domestic cat and a snake to explore the internal duality of beauty and beastly as defined in Jungian psychology. 
Mary Kate Maher’s  “Spire” (2015), a freestanding sculpture that resembles totems, hag stones and cairns, is inspired by traditional Inuit carved forms that delineate edges of their native coastline. Maher’s second work, “White Out” 2015 provides a stark contrast to “Spire” in it’s representation of nothingness and the erasure of landscape in a photograph mounted on aluminum.  

Finally, Aaron Williams contributes “History Painting (Red) and “History Painting (White)” 2015, Formica panels carved with seemingly generic geometric abstraction.  The patterns are in fact based on designs from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 cult classic film “The Shining”, in which contrasting images of Native American culture and European imperial powers appear throughout.
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