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June 19 - July 5, 2015

Opening reception June 19, 2015 7-10PM
June 19 – July 5, 2015

99¢ Plus Gallery presents "Sky's The Limit" a mixed media installation by Sacha Vega which questions the nature of "success" in art making and the ways it's value is articulated. 

In her second solo show, Sacha Vega pairs landscape images from her archive along with award objects that double as the titles for each image. Drawing ideas from the tropes of motivational language, such as "Sky's The Limit", Vega creates puns with the nature imagery embedded in said language. This reworking makes light of the desire for validation in a culture where the very idea of success appears elusive by being inherently malleable.

The pairing of landscape photographs and awards objects draws a parallel between both's function. They mark where you have been, what you have done and yet in no way ensure the continuance of the efforts recognized. 

The back and forth between the photographs, the awards and the staged scene they reside in encourages viewers to answer for themselves who the authority on value, taste and praise are when it comes to one's work. 

Sacha Vega (b.1991) is a photography based mixed media artist living and working in Brooklyn NY. She received her BFA from Pratt Institute, with a concentration in photography and a minor in art history. She is interested in testing work that makes a viewer look twice, whether it be through spatial play within a photographic field or creating sculpturally intervened pieces that encourage a physical interaction. 

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