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Curated by Sarah Largess & B.Thom Stevenson

October 7 – December 18, 2016

Opening Reception October 7, 2016, 7-10pm

99¢ Plus is pleased to present TELEVISION, curated by Sarah Largess and B. Thom Stevenson. TELEVISION explores the ability of a stationary object to both bring people together and transport them to a different time and place. TELEVISION allows viewers to view and to be viewed. TELEVISION is vast. TELEVISION contains multitudes.  All the artists have contributed work ingray scale, creating a peripheral illusion of stepping into a black and white TELEVISION.

On then off. With a switch. Fire. Theater. Radio. Time travel. Romance. Action. Satisfaction. Happy Days. Good Times. Buy now. Enjoy later. C.O.D. MTV. Abc.Nbc. Channel 3. New media. Culture. Cultivation. Inspiration. Prime time. Family time. Turn on. Tune in.  Drop out. New News. Shows. Soaps. Sitcoms. Rom Coms. Photons. Bill Nye. Mr. Wizard. Mr. Rogers. Mr. Brady. The whole bunch. Captain Kangaroo. New shoes. Just do it. Just say no. Now? Never again. Friends. The end. Happily ever after. MASH. Roots. Reboots. Family Matters. All in the Family. Atomic family. The Bomb. Man on the moon. Man on man. The Man. Woman. Woah Man. White Bronco. Kimberly Kardashian. Leave it to Beaver. The 3 stooges. The stooges. The Addams family. Dynasty. Reality TV. Made for TV. As seen on TV. You'll go blind. Columbine. Survivor. Pow. Whomp. And that’s the way it is.

Philip H. Ashley
Morgan Blair
Andrew Brehm
Frank Castanien
Cali Thornhill DeWitt
Daniel Gaitor-Lomack
Harry Gould Harvey IV
Carley Holtsinger
Sam Kenswil
Jennifer Lauren Smith

Andrea McGinty
Alex McQuilkin
Andy Mister
Chris Oh
Sarah Oliphant
Corey Presha
Nicole Reber
Andrew Ross
Esther Ruiz
Nick Sethi
Matt Shamy

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