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May 15 - June 14, 2015

9¢ Plus is pleased to present Yin Yang, an exhibition curated by Tessa Perutz.

Yin Yang showcases a compelling body of work by 35 female contemporary artists and designers, challenging the often arbitrary distinction between “art” and “design.”

Featuring the work of painters, sculptors, illustrators, writers, furniture designers, fashion designers, printmakers, and more – each maker was invited to produce a work that challenges their usual mode of creation to reach an aesthetic end. Each participant, therefore, will be exhibiting work that is very different from what is normally shown as a representation of that person.

With this shift, the artist is re-contextualizing their own methodology – gaining a new, macrocosmic approach to ‘making’ as a whole. This exhibition prompts an undercurrent of dialogue about our expectations of artists and creators of our generation, attempting to expand this often too stark and linear division between “art’ and “design” in our modern landscape.

Yin Yang functions as an open platform – showcasing a freeform survey of unusual works by popular creative tastemakers, outside of the structured confines of the typical gallery, boutique, or “art-viewing” setting. We hope you will join us for what we believe is a mind-bending and stimulatingly electric exhibition. 

Works by,

Tisch Abelow
Trudy Benson
Andrea Bergart
Ellen Berkenblit
Samantha Bittman
Rose Blake
Kate Casey
Sonya Cohen 
Moira Connelly
Cheryl Donegan
Jashin Friedrich
Hildie Gifstad
Tamara Gonzales
Jessica Hans
Nina Hartmann
Brittni Ann Harvey
Josephine Heilpern
Madeline Hollander 



May 15–June 14, 2015

Opening reception May 5, 6–10pm

Emma Kolemann

Antonia Kuo

Alice Lancaster 

Amelie Mancini

Carol Nhan

Beth Noe

Maya Odim

Elise Peterson 

Shana Sadeghi-Ray

Dakotah Savage

Coleen Self 

Emily Ludwig Shaffer

Lily Stockman

Katie Stout

Evren Tekinoktay

Joy Walker 

Bari Ziperstein

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